Here you will find out all the news from Junior Infants Room 3!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Pumpkin Carving

We had lots of fun pumpkin carving on Thursday. Our pumpkin was very big & heavy & when we cut the top off it had a strong smell which some of us didn't like!!! Inside were lots of seeds & stringy bits which some of us enjoyed touching!!! We took turns at scooping out the seeds & then we carved a face & called him Percy!! 

What's inside?!!

Our pumpkin is 10 cubes high!

Loving the gooey bits!!!

Not keen on the smell!!!

Hello Percy!!!

Hallowe'en In the Kitchen!

We were so excited to go to the Student Kitchen this week to make some delicious chocolate apples for Hallowe'en. Here are some photos of us cooking together:

Cosmic Kids Yoga!

On Thursdays we have been doing some yoga for P.E.! We love to follow the yoga stories on the website Cosmic Kids & are learning lots of yoga poses to keep us flexible, improve our balance & keep calm! Well worth trying at home if the boys & girls have tablets or access to a computer!
Relaxation time


Monday, 3 September 2018


A huge welcome to all the boys & girls who are starting Junior Infants at St. Gabriel's this year! We are so delighted to meet you all & welcome you to our happy school. I hope you are all ready to set out on an exciting adventure through primary school!