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Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Science Projects!

 Here are some photos of our Science projects We had to design & make a Christmas themed game with magnets. We did an amazing job!

Christmas Cheer in Room 21!

Today was PJ Party & hot chocolate to celebrate our great yard behaviour & of course Christmas! Here are some photos!

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

A Welcome Visitor

 Well look at who made an appearance in our classroom today & brought us all a lovely gift of a Christmas annual & pencil!

Problem Solving in Maths

 We were given a Christmas shopping Task in Maths! Armed with a budget of 200euro & an Argos catalogue we had to make a shopping list for family presents. We had to work out the total cost & what change we would get. Here are some photos of us all working hard picking out some items for our families...

Sunday, 6 September 2020

A warm welcome back to school!

 Welcome back to all the boys & girls in our new 4th class for the school year 2020/21! I am looking forward to being your teacher this year & I know you will be all happy to see your friends again after our long break from school! Keep an eye on this page for news & information from 4th class throughout the year! Mrs. Smyth

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Virtual School Tours Week 22nd - 26th June

Hi everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed last week’s Virtual Sports Week. This week we are going to do something a little different – Virtual School Tour week. Every day we will visit a different location. All  classes have been assigned the same tour so if you have younger siblings it is a nice opportunity to work together 😊 Have fun!!
If you have any questions just send me an email
Please continue your reading on Epic! this week also Class code: ppb3798. I have assigned some books there for you to choose from.

Virtual Tours Week: 22nd -26th June 2020

The Natural History Museum-London

San Diego Zoo

Monterray Bay Aquarium
Tate Modern Art, London
Longleat Safari Park - Wiltshire, UK
Monday: The Natural History Museum London:

Click on the link above, you will see a map of the museum. You can move through 3 levels (ground, first and second ‘floors’). These levels can be seen at the top right hand corner of the screen. By clicking on the dots on the map, you can start the virtual tour.

1: Start at ‘first’ (floor level) and record the names of some of the rooms/halls that you choose to enter.
2: Also write a list of some of the animals that you see along the way.
3. Next move on to ‘second’ and ‘ground’ (floor levels) and complete the same process.
4.Complete a ‘fact file’ on one or two animals (of your choice) that you saw during the virtual tour. You may undertake on-line research when completing this task (if possible)

Tuesday: San Diego Zoo

Live webcam of animals:

Introduction: The first link has live video cams of various animals -hippos, platypus’, baboons, penguins, polar bears, penguins, apes, koalas, pandas to name but a few. You can watch the animals in real time. The second link are short stories about some of the animals at the zoo which are really nice. (especially about Zuli the elephant and Omeo the baby koala!) There are also some games for you to play…have a go!

·         Watch the live videos of the animals. What animals did you watch?
·         Read a story of your choice about the animals at the San Diego Zoo from the above link. Write 5 sentences in your own words about the animal that you picked. (2nd-6th)
·         You can make a swinging monkey! Click the link to see how to make one:
If you make one upload a photo to padlet!
Wednesday: Monterray Bay Aquarium


When you click on the link, the aquarium has live cams of different sea animals and some land animals such as penguins. There are two cams not working at the moment(The Monterray Bay cam and Sea Otter cam) but there are plenty other ones to view. It begins with the Aviary Cam then moves onto the Coral reef and Jelly fish cam and so on. The penguin cam is very cute!


Here are some links to videos with information on the animals you will see at the aquarium. Watch some of the videos. This video is a BBC Earth clip focusing on the Emperor Penguins. Exploring the coral reef: Learn about oceans for kids.

Make a note of 5 things you learned today & add some illustrations/drawings. Upload to padlet or e mail to me

Thursday: Tate Modern Art Gallery, London 
Introduction: Tate Modern is an art gallery in London and this link will take you there! Well, kind of.  It will direct you to Tate Kids which is the online section, especially for children. There are lots of great videos, games and activities to do – so take your time and have a browse!
 Below is a video, quiz and game I recommend trying. Enjoy your trip!
·     Click on the link below to a short video about Pop Art. You might recognise some of the artists!
·        Click on the link below. See which pop artist best suits your style. 
·        Try to create a piece of Pop Art of your own at home and send a picture to your teacher.  Or use this Street Art – graffiti app to do a creation online. It will upload and your art might get displayed on the Tatekids website!

Friday: Longleat Safari Park

Longleat Safari Park is a drive-through Safari Park in the UK and was opened in 1966. When you click on the link there is a video that takes you through the entire park and introduces you to all the animals that they have on the park and gives you fun facts along the way! Make sure you don’t have any snacks hidden in your pockets, the animals can smell everything!! Enjoy your trip 😊

1.    What is your favourite animal and why?
2.   Can you think of a fact/facts that you learned about any of the animals along the way?
3.   Draw or create your favourite animal at the park and send a picture to your teacher on Padlet or email!

Have fun!! 

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Virtual Active Week! 15th - 19th June

Welcome to your Virtual Active Week!
Put down your books and put on your runners! This week is all about being Active! The aim is for every child to do 60 minutes activity a day.
  • Each day we have a Daily Starter with one of our teachers to get everyone on their feet. 
  • We also have an activity for you to do each day 
  • Teacher challenge set by some of our teachers who love to be active!
  • We are also asking everyone to run the Daily Mile and add to our Daily Tally and see how far we can run in a week!
  • On Wednesday there is a link to PAWS water safety programme. We normally teach this in June so please follow the link and do this very important lesson with your child.
  • Each day login to our reading app Class Code: ppb3798.   Choose a book from the Sports Collection I have assigned for you & read 1 book daily. Lets us know on the class padlet which book you read each day

We really want to see how everyone is getting on, especially with the teacher challenges so please upload your videos and pics to our padlet. (link below)
All the information you will need is on the school’s Active Blog.

It can also be found on our Virtual Active Week padlet.

Have a great week and be active!